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Valentine's Day's International Casual Night

Päivämäärä: Ke 14.2.2018
Aika: 17:00
Paikka: Christina Regina, Domus Gaudium, Leppäsuonkatu 11
Tyyppi: Casual Night
Vastuuhenkilö: Henri Markus Peurasaari
-Information only in English-

The time that we have all awaited is soon here! It is time for the Casual Nights to return!

"The what now?" I hear some of you ask. Truly a matter of great shame for such a joyous tradition, but they sort of did fall off the map last year. Good thing we are about to bring them back! Anyway, the question should probably be addressed.

Casual Nights are an event where the drinking of alcohol is encouraged to be kept to a minimum, and we are to find enjoyment in other things. What these other things are will this time be board-, card- and other games! We will even see pseudo roleplaying in the form of a Mansions of Madness game ran by yours truly! Hopefully for the next time I'll manage to arrange something on the actual tabletop RPG side as well, but we'll see! And in case you were wondering, there will be snacks!

As per usual with klusteri, the door will be closed on arrival. Ring the doorbell that says "Christina Regina" and wait for somebody to come fetch you.

The event is intended to be international in its scope, so use of English language is to be expected. But don't sweat it! You'll do fine! Cheat all the terms from the manual, if nothing else! :P

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