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Pe 21.9.2018 20:00

Elisa @Gurula

Ke 26.9.2018 10:00

Excu: Digia

To 27.9.2018 17:00
Ilmo dl: 21.9.2018 9:00

Fuksisitsit // Fuksien ilmo

Su 30.9.2018 18:00
Ilmo dl: 29.9.2018 12:00

Fuksisitsit // Muiden ilmo

Su 30.9.2018 18:00
Ilmo dl: 29.9.2018 12:00

Limeksen Appro 2018

Ke 3.10.2018 16:15
Ilmo dl: 23.9.2018 18:00

Syksyn Startup 2018

To 4.10.2018 17:00

Fuksiexcu: Solinor

Ti 9.10.2018 17:00

Elisa case night: Security

To 11.10.2018 17:00

ATK-YTP 2018

Ke 17.10.2018 8:00
Ilmo dl: 30.9.2018 12:00

KJYR 2018

La 3.11.2018 17:00

TKO-älyn 30. vuosijuhlat

La 10.11.2018 16:00

Casual movie night: Timefuck movies!

Päivämäärä: Ti 18.9.2018
Aika: 19:00
Paikka: Christina Regina, Domus Gaudium, Leppäsuonkatu 11
Tyyppi: Leffailta
Vastuuhenkilö: Eetu Mattila (050 4381091)
NOTICE: Event was moved by a week to Tuesday 18.9.
NOTICE2: Event was moved by one hour due to lecture schedule.
NOTICE3: There will be organized leave towards klusteri in Gurula at 18:20

Regular concept of time and events occurring in predictable sequence is boring, let's fuck around and stir a bit!

First movie of the night will be Memento, a movie that starts from the end works its way to the beginning.

Second movie will be Primer which is about two guys who invent time travel and then continue to make couple dozen timelines which all get mixed into sh*t show that I'll guarantee you'll have hard time following.

Third movie: Probably won't happen when we are starting so late.

19:00 Starting preparations
19:15 Memento
21:10 Break
21:25 Primer
22:45 End cleaning

The event is a Casual Night, and hence "soft sober" - drinking is not encouraged but allowed in moderation. No need to die of thirst though, as we will provide some soft drinks for you to enjoy. Snack food like chips and candy will also be available.

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