Smartly.io excursion (with Digit and Tietokilta)

Ke 27.3.2019 17:00
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Smartly.io excursion (with Digit and Tietokilta)

Päivämäärä: Ke 27.3.2019
Aika: 17:00
Paikka: Smartly, Elielinaukio 2 G, 00100 Helsinki
Tyyppi: Excu
Ilmoittautumisaika: 18.3.2019 12:12 - 21.3.2019 14:14
Ilmoittautumisen voi perua: 18.3.2019 12:12 - 21.3.2019 14:14
Vastuuhenkilö: Ville-Veikko Saari (0503392169)
Smartly.io welcomes Digit, Tietokilta and TKO-äly to experience the scale and complexity of the technical challenges we are tackling! Come meet Smartlies and fellow CS students at our office in the heart of Helsinki.

During the evening our developers from different engineering teams will share their knowledge on rendering customisable video templates in scale, managing loads of ad statistics using Citus and our own Distillery service with its purpose-built query language. We look forward to lots of questions and open discussion, while also working hands-on with our brand new tech challenge.

We’re also happy to talk about our internship positions and share what being a developer at Smartly.io is like.

• 5 pm: Starting the excursion, food and drinks
• 5.15–6.30 pm: Presenting and discussing themes
• 6.30–7.30 pm: Working hands-on with tech challenge
• 7.30-21 pm: Talking with Smartlies and fellow students

See you on the 27th of March!

With warm regards,
the Smartly.io team.

P.S. Bringing your laptop with you is highly recommended.

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