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Excursion: Tuxera

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DATA666 - Trivia course

Ti 3.3.2020 19:00

Tenttitinttaussitsit ja jatkobileet

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Excursion: Gofore

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Laudekoodit - matalan kynnyksen koodaustapahtuma

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Siilin tupaantuliaiset

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Excursion: Futurice

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Excursion: Siili

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Haluatko sinä järjestää tapahtuman? Katso ohjeet täältä!

TKO-äly + TiK x aTalent Recruiting Excursion

Päivämäärä: Ti 26.11.2019
Aika 17:00
Paikka: Salomonkatu 17b
Tyyppi: Yritysvierailu
Ilmoittautumisaika: 18.11.2019 12:00 - 26.11.2019 17:00
Ilmoittautumisen voi perua: 18.11.2019 12:00 - 24.11.2019 23:59
Vastuuhenkilö: Eetu Mattila ( 050 438 1091 / https://t.me/Harrowed )
Are your LinkedIn-profile, CV, and cover letter in the best condition they can be? How does the current recruitment situation in the IT industry look? What skills are hot in the market right now and what maybe tomorrow? aTalent welcomes TKO-äly members to their homebase at Autotalo to enjoy another great evening together. The idea is to take your job hunting tools and skills to the next level and offer you a possibility to ask whatever you like from our IT recruiters! We will also have a recruitment clinic, where you can have a one-on-one chat with an IT recruiter and maybe practise your interview skills or just chat about anything possibly troubling your mind on recruitment. Of course we will also present our services and the many ways you can find a job through us.

We have also invited TiK, computer science students from Aalto University, because the more the merrier! Throughout the evening there will naturally be food, beverages and a really relaxed atmosphere to ensure a perfect venue to maximize your recruitability and to simply enjoy each others company. Sign up and take the next step for making your career dreams come true!

PS. So we can actually help you with your LinkedIn-profile and / or CV, please bring your own laptop!

More info: Julia Helander (tg: @juliahel)

TKO-älyn järjestämissä tapahtumissa noudatetaan turvallisemman tilan periaatteita. Periaatteet löydät täältä. TKO-älyn häirintäyhdyshenkilöihin voit ottaa yhteyttä tämän lomakkeen kautta.

Events held by TKO-äly follow the principles for a safer space. The principles can be found here. You can also contact TKO-äly's harrasment contact persons via this form.

Tapahtuman suora linkki on: https://tko-aly.fi/event/1622

Ilmoittautuneita: 13 / 18

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