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Siili After Works feat. TiK

Date: Pe 20.5.2022
Time 16:00
Location: Ruoholahdenkatu 21
Type: After Works
Registration period: 11.5.2022 16:00 - 17.5.2022 16:00
Registration can be cancelled: 11.5.2022 16:00 - 20.5.2022 12:00
Responsible person: Mitja Oskari Karhusaari @dogamak
Summertime is almost here and we’re about to kiss the most taxing schoolwork season goodbye. How about we celebrate it in a grandiose way?

Join in to our Friday mayhem and experience the infamous Siili Afterworks, this time for TiK and TKO-äly students exclusively! This isn’t your average excursion: you won’t be tied down by rigid and boring program, but instead, you’ll get to explore our afterwork culture, the Siili community, our projects, and ways of working in a relaxed setting. You can chat with our Siilis, discuss career opportunities, or just dance away to the sweet tunes provided by our DJ – choose your own adventure!

Drinks and tasty food are on us, of course. We’re really excited to have you!
With love, Siili

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Direct link of the event: https://tko-aly.fi/event/1960

Registrations: 38 / 24

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